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Branding e identidad visual

Desde nuestra agencia de publicidad en Lima, creamos marcas poderosas ayudándolas a posicionarse como la mejor opción del mercado.

Estrategia creativa

Transmitir mensajes de forma ingeniosa y original es cosa de expertos.

Diseño web

Disponer de una página web exclusiva con una buena imagen de marca le dará más credibilidad a tu negocio.

Gestión de redes sociales

Contamos con un equipo especializado que hará de tus canales digitales una vitrina de comunicación muy efectiva.

Analítica y Optimización

Si lo que buscas es tener campañas efectivas, con nuestra agencia tendrás la seguridad de alcanzar tus objetivos.

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Branding and visual identity

We create beautiful brands!

A picture is worth a thousand words and a first impression is what counts the most. At Onda Click we add value to your product or service through an attractive visual identity with a lot of personality.

From our advertising agency in Lima, we create powerful brands helping them to position themselves as the best option in the market.

  • Logo design and brand image.
  • Naming.
  • Packaging.

Creative strategy

Awaken your audience's curiosity

Conveying messages in an ingenious and original way is a matter for experts. In our advertising agency in Lima we use various marketing tactics to capture the attention of your potential customers, leaving a mark in their minds and hearts.

  • Definition of the brand’s communication objective.
  • Creation of brand slogan and/or campaign.
  • Communication analysis of your main competitors.
  • Definition of digital communication tactics (social networks, blog, websites, landing pages).

Web design

Your brand at the reach of a click

Are you going to miss the opportunity to have our advertising agency in Lima design you a good digital showcase to increase your sales?

Having an exclusive web page with a good brand image will give more credibility to your business.

  • Web design / Landing pages.
  • E-commerce
  • Self-manageable.
  • 100% adaptable for mobile devices.
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Brands Created

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Social media management

Reach a large volume of potential customers

Surely you wouldn’t leave the management of your business in inexperienced hands, so why do you do it with your social networks? In Onda Click we have a specialized team that will make your digital channels a very effective communication showcase. Through different actions we promote your business, attract new users and retain your current customers.

  • Community Manager.
  • Creation of content grids.
  • Design of graphic and audiovisual pieces.

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Analytics and Optimization

We are your best option if you are looking for return on investment.

If you are looking for effective campaigns, with our advertising agency in Lima you will be sure that the money you invest in advertising will help you achieve your goals.

  • Planning and monitoring of digital advertising.
  • Development of advertising investment optimization strategy.
  • Analysis and performance reports.

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