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Té va a gustar

The greatest selection of European and Middle Eastern tea is now available in Peru thanks to Apotecarias. With five different product lines, Apotecarias offers a superlatively memorable experience in tea consumption. Whether it’s exotic teas that stimulate the senses or tea making accessories to elevate the drinkers experience, Apotecarias delivers satisfaction. 

When we talk about Apotecarias we are filled with pride because we can say that it is a brand 100% made by Onda Click. We developed Apotecarias all the way from conception of the communication strategy, creation of the visual identity and its various applications, packaging and finally, we turned the entire concept into an ecommerce experience as personalized as the brand itself. Our objective was to design an intuitive, fresh, feminine website that transports the user into the feel good universe of Apotecarias.

The Soul

Communication Strategy
Visual Identity

Humans with essence

The Soul brand needed to find the perfect words and images to convey its ethos through digital channels. The challenge: creating a brand and a design proposal made up of basic, minimalist pieces but with a strong, defined personality. The solution: create a strategy of communication that is tactical, cheeky, and open-minded. 

We used graphics, videos and photographs to create an intuitive virtual store that was modernly minimalist and at the same time dynamic. This allowed the brand to offer an online shopping experience that perfectly characterized the Soul Experience.


Rebranding concept and visual identity
Product photo website

Caminando juntas

Redefining DESIRE with STYLE! Quimera felt that it was time to refresh its image and called us to help. In this project, Quimera’s branding was redefined based on a new creative concept that repositioned it as a sober, sophisticated, empowering feminine brand. Once this identity was established we made it integral across all communication outlets including social networks and the Quimera website. 

Lexington Garden


Home sweet home

Lexington Garden Apartments is a multifamily residential apartment complex in New Jersey that offers modern mid century designed apartments in a garden style community just outside of New York City. They entrusted us with the mission of renewing their website. After exhaustive research we were able to propose a website more tailored to their needs. A website with a fresh, modern aesthetic coupled with a synergetic user experience that brings together renting and occupying an apartment at the same time. The complex serves both the Spanish and English speaking community so we added a multi language option to dissolve demographic segmentation and increase their customer base and provide a more positive interaction. What did you think of this transformation? 


Visual Identity 
Communication Strategy


For those who want to eat and be eaten

Wolfspit trusted OnDa Click to develop an addictive brand by creating a communication strategy focused on capturing new “prey” and developing new “hunters” within the US market. A slogan was created that consolidates the essence of the brand while enticing the end user. In addition, our design and illustration team proposed a change to the Wolfspit visual identity so it would align more with the brand personality that the client wanted. The result was a more attractive, mysterious and seductive design; an anthropomorphic character that compliments the imagotype. 

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